In the days when men in shining armour would charge at each other on horseback with ‘lances’, rumours swirled around the mythical ‘golden eagle’. This golden eagle would circle the mountain tops and swoop down, attacking anything that moves. The peasants were the ones who started this rumour, the ‘knights’ would laugh at this ridiculous rumour. Being the people they were, the knights would climb the mountain and never be seen again.

In the year of 2011, a man named Daniel Thomas was browsing through the history books and came upon the diary of Percival Simons. Percival was a famous knight; he boasted that he won 25 ‘jousts’ on the trot and knocking over opponents 103 times in those famous 25 jousts.

The diary read ‘One’s friend attempted to conquer the mountain of the golden eagle. I stood upon the mountain’s base awaiting his return. 3 days later, I was still at the base. So, one turned home and the next day decided to retrieve one’s friend. I placed one’s foot upon the mountain and then backed out. I shall try again tomorrow.’

Daniel then looked up ‘the mountain of the golden eagle’. His results showed that the mountain was believed to be the golden eagle’s territory, if it is real. So, Daniel went off and thought hardly about the mythical golden eagle. So within a few days, Daniel was in the library looking up Percival Simons and the ‘golden eagle’. His results were disappointing.

No books knew about the golden eagle and Percival Simons was just a known name. The diary was the only proof of his existence. So Daniel decided to call his friend, Tom Gilligan. Tom was in the same profession as Daniel and heard about this golden eagle and would do anything to solve it. There was only one way, find the golden eagle.

Daniel and Tom using all sources available located the ‘mountain of the golden eagle’, it was actually the tallest mountain from the Peaks of Time. This specific mountain was actually the Eagle’s Peak due to a population of bald eagles claiming it as their territory.

2 months later, Daniel and Tom were at the base of the Eagle’s Peak with only one thing on their mind: the golden eagle. Their guide, Samuel West, gave them the basic guidelines of mountaineering. 1 hour later, they embarked on their mission; to prove the golden eagle’s existence.

So they climbed the mountain with falls now and then, but saved by the harnesses. Once they conquered Eagle’s Peak, they searched for the golden eagle. No sight of it at all, so they turned their backs and faced the perilous journey back down the mountain.

The disappointment was vast, for they went through so much physical and mental endurance for nothing. Then it happened, an eagle swooped down and struck Tom. Daniel quickly reacted and got his digital camera out. He immediately recognized it as the golden eagle. Daniel pressed the button, and nothing happened. The camera was out of batteries.

There was only one option but to capture the beast and show it to the world. Daniel tried all he could to catch the eagle but was unsuccessful. Tom became conscious and got up on his feet only to be hit by the eagle head first. This collision knocked out Tom and the eagle cold. Daniel then called a helicopter for immediate rescue.

Within 30 minutes, Tom was in a hospital recovering from his wounds and Daniel was appearing on the news for discovering this golden eagle. Daniel and Tom received a knighthood from the Queen. And for the eagle, the collision with Tom damaged its brain which killed him off. The stuffed body is in now the National Mountaineering Museum of Sheffield

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