Here on the wiki, we encourage users to give constructive help and comments on other people's stories. To do this, go to the talk page of the story after you've read it, make a level two heading that says "<Username>'s Review".

Rules Edit

  • Users are allowed to re-review a story if the user has improved it.
  • More then one user can review a story.
  • You must give good points and constructive critic, or else your review will be removed.

Tips Edit

  • Mention stuff about the atmosphere, characters, introduction, climax, ending, concept, grammar and spelling, images (if there are any), layout, plot, etc.
  • Be fair (neglecting this will get your review removed)
  • Be helpful. Don't only say whats wrong, say how it can be fixed.
  • You can, if you want, give a score out of a 100 (87/100, etc), though this makes some users thing everything you've said is unnecessary.

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