The Author Doesn't Allow Other People Editing His Story!---- On a cold winter night, murder struck the clock. Everyone knew about it, well except for some teens who are ready to get slashed and bashed.

Chapter OneEdit

The clock struck twelve. Pierre Adams and her boyfriend John Marsh, where still watching tv. Well, that was until they had fell asleep.

Pierre slept on John's lapped, cuddling up to him. They where both sound asleep. It was so quiet, you could hear footsteps outside. But, what they are not hearing are footsteps outside.

They became louder and louder, but they still had not noticed. But when the heard the door bash open, Pierra awoke.

She had forgoten to lock it.

"Ahh!" she screamed, waking up John.

John rolled off the couch crawling back. The man slammed the door shut very loud.

Their screams where so loud, dogs started to bark.

"Pierre run!" John yelled.

Pierre just stayed back as the man approached, raising a machete.

Their eyes widened as they immediately got off the carpet, holding a lantern for defense.

"Ha!" the man laughed.

The man was very close now. He grabbed John's shooulder.

"John! Escape!" Pierre screamed.

"I am trying!" he replied, shaking.

Pierre ran into the kitchen but the man held up the machete and slammed it down into his chest, many times.

Pierre couldn't watch, she grabbed out a frying pan of the draws and walked closer.

The man laughed, still stabbing John then stopped. He grabbed the biggest book he saw and approached her.

She threw the frying pan it him but missed. He chuckled.

Pierre dropped to the floor. The man bent his knees and slammed the book across her face.

She screamed even louder.

He did it again, and now several times.

Blood was dripping down her face and she had many cuts from being bashed. She was constantly spitting blood onto him.

He kept on slamming it on her face with all of his force.

Teeth fell out and she was knocked out.

He raised the book and held it up. Then finally slammed it through her throat ripping it open. She was dead.

Chapter TwoEdit

"Hello, I am Claire Walsh and this is channel eight news. Top story today, two teenagers where found murdered this morning, Pierre Adams was bashed to death and John Marsh was stabbed several tmes in the chest. Police have been investigating the seen and say that the murder must have entered through the front entrance. We will get back to you as soon as we have more news on this investigation." a news lady said on tv.

"What!?! Pierre is dead!?!" Anna Bishop cried.

Them two where best friends ever since childhood.

"Hey, what's a matter?" her dad asked, running in.

"Pierre!" she cried even louder.

"What happened to her?" he asked.

"Murdered!" she replied taking her school bag and ran out the front door.

"Sahara!" her dad called.


He walked around the house, trying to find her.

Then, he searched the pool, and saw her.

"Sahara! There you are!" he cheered but she didn't reply.

She was floating on the pool, back faced to the sky.

"Sahara!" he screamed, diving into the pool.

He tuned her body over to find that she was dead, by drowning,

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