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Sgt. Pepper Ysub

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band & The Yellow Submarine is a fictional story that is being written by Nobody Cares. The story is about The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Yellow Submarine. The setting of this story is 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, in European countries, the Sea, U.S.A., Asia, and Africa. The story starts in World War 2 and ends in the end of Vietnam War. The story is about a band founded by Sgt. Pepper that rides a Yellow Submarine to travel around the world and play their music for people to stop fighting in the wars.

Chapter 1: Nazi Invasion Edit

In the 1930s Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany, that conquered much of Europe. In 1938 and 39, Germany made an alliance with another European country, Italy, and an asian country, Japan. They called their alliance the Axis Powers. Meanwhile, in 1940 some European countries did not like the Axis Power's abusive rule, so they made their own alliance consisting of Great Britain, France, and Russia. They called it the Allied Forces. In 1940, not long after the formation of Allied Forces, Germany bombed and conquered Russia.

Many battles between the two alliances have pasted and many countries joined the war (ex. China, S & N Korea, Israel). 1941, the U.S. base in Hawaii, the Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japanese invaders, and hours later they bombed more American bases in the Philippines. The U.S. became enraged by this sudden invasions and finally joining the outnumbered Allied Forces after Russia's defeat. In 1942, Japan successesfully conquered the Philippines (which was bought by the Americans from Spain due to the Treaty Of Paris). Japanese soldiers raped women, killed men and kids (Ages 0 - 70) of the countries they conquered. Italy and Germany's colonies support them, unlike the asian countries Japan conquers. In the following years Axis Powers' colonies expanded and expanded. But in 1944 and 1945, many colonies of the Axis Powers were gaining freedom, thanks to Allied Forces' help. In 1944, Japan surrendered after the U.S.A. bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were Japanese cities. The Japanese emperor and the Shogans were forced to surrender and be exiled far from home. After 15 years of Nazi rule finally ended after Hitler suicided in his cabin after the Russians passed the gates of Berlin, and after hearing that one of his advisors where tortured in Russia, hunged upside down and chopped down to pieces. The war was on Middle East in 1946-48. Israel was established and middle east people became Terrorists.

Sgt. Jack Pepper was born in December 31 1933, he was one of the british kids who we're transported to the countryside of England in 1941 when the Nazi Germans invaded London, England. His dad Peter Pepper died in 1942 after being shot by an Italian in the war. Sgt. Pepper became seargent in the early age of 12 in 1944. Sgt. Pepper, unlike some soldiers hated war and loved peace. He was about to change the world years later, with a little help from his friends.

Chapter 2: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Edit

In 1946, Sgt. Pepper founded a band, he called it "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", which's purpose is to make people happy with their music and stop the war. In June 23, 1946, Sgt. Pepper was in front of St. Clair School, he used the microphone and here's the conversations:

Sgt. Pepper: Who Wants Love And Peace?!!!!
Crowd: Me!!!
Sgt. Pepper: Who Wants Music?!!!!!
Crowd: Everyone!
Sgt. Pepper: Want To Be A Part Of A Peace-Making Band?
Some People: Yup

The band now consisted of; Sgt. Pepper, Billy Shears, Jude Winston, Johnny B. Goode, Desmond Jones, Daniel McDaniel, and 20 other unnamed band members. They first went to Oxford to perform, not real, well just to get more members, then they got Maxwell Edison, Ben Willie, Eddie Lagoon, and William Fox. Now, consisting of 30 members was enough for Sgt. Pepper, and in 1947 performed in Israel and successfuly stopping World War 2. Tuesday (November 30, 1949) the band had a meeting, Desmond said "are girls allowed?", "No, they might hurt themselves" replied Sgt. Pepper. Hopefully, Desmond agreed.

The band's next march will be in 1952. When rock n' roll was first invented with the song "Rocket 88" which's real purpose was R&B made by Jackie Brenston. They marched as a marching band and played, this time with brand new members, Benny, Lenny, Freddy, and Joe. And they did get nice reputation for a decade in 1955, and Sgt. Pepper turned 23, and was old enough to get Bulldog to join their band.

Basty B. Douge or more known by the name "Bulldog" is the former guitarist of the Delta Cats band. He was a brilliant guitarist and when he joined, he was the first and only guitarist of the band. Their songs became very famous, so famous, and everyone wanted to go on their performances. Many record companies loved them and wanted them to record on theirs, but they refused, even to the most successful company, Decca Records. The band had nice reputation and got many fans, specially when people learned that the real purpose of the band was world peace. The band later went to the small town of Dartmoor as part of their tour in England, the people of Dartmoor was very pleased with their music, getting 2 of the best music players in Dartmoor; Willie Cockprit and Charlie Dunnington to sign in the band. After each members improve their musician skills, the band got stronger, tighter, and more established than ever.

Chapter 3: It Won't Be Long Edit

In the late 50s, people became mods and rockers, which infact mods and rockers had rock n' roll singing battles, which usually ended up in physical fighting. To solve this usual fighting, Sgt. Pepper and Joe came up with a plan, which they go to America (the place where mods gets bothered by rockers) and play some music on the middle of both sides, so that both will consider making peace with each other. Sgt. Pepper and Joe presented this to the whole band, but Freddie asked because some of them don't have enough money to go to America, saying "Some people don't have enough money to go to America!", then Sgt. Pepper and Joe told them that they will create their own vehicle that will take them to America, and to other parts of the world when needed. Everyone was unsure what they will create... until an unlikely person went inside they're office and said he wanted to join, everyone said that he could only join if he could decide what could they create and how will they build it, Mr Kite, being obsessed with the color yellow, and as a submarine expert, he said he would like a "Yellow Submarine". Sgt. Pepper and Mr Kite stated that "It Won't Be Long! Til' they get to play around the world".

The construction of the Yellow Submarine began in January 1, 1957, when they got several new members, Admiral Hasley, Uncle Albert, and Bungalow Bill. The Mr. Kite, with the help of Admiral Hasley, were being the architects of the construction of the Yellow Submarine, making blue prints, drawings, instructions, and mathematical deccissions on the width, height and size of the Yellow Submarine. First, the band head to Penny Lane in Northern England, where long-time fans gave them the land to build, they said, they just want it to be underground so that it doesn't disturb the everyday lives of Penny Lane citizens, so they get it, and underground construction site, where they move all of they're supplies, instruments, and band properties. They do not create any cabin or any other things in there. Meanwhile, while watching the news, Bulldog saw that a gang of Mods slayed a rocker, he informed Sgt. Pepper and the band, they all decided that this needs to stop fast, so the construction of the Yellow Submarine finished in October 5, 1957, where they PERMANENTLY move their supplies, instruments, and band properties inside the Yellow Submarine, Sgt. Pepper, Mr. Kite, and Bulldog buys beds, and other furnitures for the members of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, all of those furnitures and beds where transfered inside the Yellow Submarine, lights, air conditioners, CD players, and Daniel McDaniel wears his golden slumbers, as they where comfortable to wear. The last thing to put in the Yellow Submarine was a large Television, they put it in a very large room in the Yellow Submarine, which they nicknamed the "One After 909". They just put cleaning things, like brooms, mops, dustspans, and a lots of cooking supplies, and food, and water supplies in the Yellow Submarine . And since the Yellow Submarine was ready Sgt. Pepper said that Admiral Hasley will be the Submarine's admiral, and that Mr. Kite will be captain. Billy Shears was the band's supplier when the Yellow Submarine was done. The Yellow Submarine was ready to take off, all the members of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band went inside, but before taking off, two new members were recruited, Bobby Best and a nowhere Italian man, Gregorio de Jesus.

Chapter 4: Yellow Submarine Edit

The Yellow Submarine took off for the first time in January 1, 1958 where they head to America to stop the fights of Mods and Rockers. (To Be Continued...)

Chapter 5: Blackbird Edit

Coming Soon!

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